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I will be hosting a regular blog talk show

Hey peeps! I just wanted to keep you all informed as to what is going on. I will be hosting a radio show on the web. I am not entirely sure of the web address (I just signed up for a host account 10 minutes ago) but I am thecommonprostitute on

a step in the right direction, but will the government be my pimp?

A lot has happened since my last post on this blog. I turned 25, but better yet a huge accomplishment for us whores in Ontario has taken place. A judge in Ontario struck down the provisions in the criminal code in relation to prostitution. While the laws (or lack of laws) have yet to come in to effect, it is still a step in the right direction for the rights of all whores. There are going to be appeals (no doubt), but really this goes to show that  “liberty and justice for all” can happen.

I don’t think much will change in terms of the number of women working and how we work. That said there have been skeptics that claim the streets will be run wild by us whores. People have said this will be comparable to Thailand or perhaps we will need a redlight district. I would like to address this by making two points; Canada and Thailand are MUCH different places, and a redlight district would imply legalization.

Thailand seems to be a place of economic and governmental  instability, furthermore slums exist and poverty is rampant. While I have heard Toronto low income/affordable housing (both private and public) being referred to as “slums” I believe there must be several conditions in place to define housing as being a slum. One being lack of electricity/city supplied water/other utilities and the other being zoning. Slums for the most part (at least I believe) are not recognized as legitimate housing and therefore lack essential services. I don’t think we quite have that in Canada. While we may have less then sufficient housing conditions for the poor,  I don’t believe we can even be compared to Thailand. Prostitution is very much a condition of poverty for the women living in the slums, however in Canada it is much more a choice. We live in a country of opportunity. And while for some women there may be road blocks, for the vast majority I would say CHOICE leads them to where they are.

As for the concept of the redlight district, I think on the surface that sounds alright, however to me that speaks to legalization and not really decriminalization (which is what I would like to see). The problem with redlight districts is that they force workers in to essentially sex ghettos and tell us how and when to do our jobs. Some of us prefer to work alone or in the safety of our own homes. In the case of legalization the government becomes our pimp.

On another note; I am sitting here watching the “Sex and the City” episode where Miranda first meets Steve. Gosh I loved watching this show back in the day. I still do…good memories gals!

And what’s playing on my mac? Well I need to tell you all about a radio station I have been listening to. I am a huge fan of industrial/EBM and (some) metal music. This radio station plays underground industrial/EBM/synthpop. Check it out;

awesome music 24/7!

It’s 2:45am

I am going to be 25 in September. This has got me thinking about what I want in life.

I want to have a child. Not now, but sometime in the near future. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year. Heck maybe not till I am 30. But I do know what I want. I just don’t want to have a child in circumstances that I don’t think I can raise a child in. Right now I am in a place in life where I think it won’t be a good time for a child. I live in a rental apartment with bad carpets, a bitch of a neighbour and a horrible roof. It is cheap and that is why I put up with it. It is a place to park my car and leave my stuff and feel relatively safe. I like it here, but I do not love it. I want to be living in a place (preferably that I own) that I love when I have a baby. Furthermore I do not want to be dealing with the nuisance of people possibly calling the CAS on me. CAS by the way is children’s aid society, or in some places it is called Child protective services (CPS). I can really see some of my neighbours where I live now doing that. Not that it’s any of their business, but god forbid a whore giving birth!

Now this also leads me to where I would ideally give birth. Much thought I have put in to this. LOL… I am not even pregnant nor do I even have a partner yet. But a girl can dream right? Or rather plan :). The thought of giving birth to a baby in a very judgmental hospital terrifies me. I can just imagine answering the question “what do you do for a living” and giving these people the honest answer and not getting a very warm response. Not that it is any of their business, but people often make such a minor thing something that they have to know. And us whores know that our profession isn’t exactly welcomed by mainstream society.

I have had Animal Control called on me simply because I am a whore. Yup, AC came after me for supposedly kicking my dog. I know for sure that the person who fabricated this story and called AC was a neighbour who wanted me out of the area for being a prostitute. She went around telling people she would do everything in her power to get me out. These people know I love my pets so often times AC or the Humane Society are the people they call to try and scare me away. They think that because I value my pets that calling AC and having them taken away from me is going to get me to re-consider where I live. LOL. They don’t know I am not that stupid. AC/humane society has never taken my pets. Infact everytime they have come to my house they end up leaving because they find that the supposed “complaint” never happened in the first place. I have hyper, happy-go-lucky dogs that love people and other pets. My dogs have never killed anything, caused any serious property damage or even gotten loose. I have a 79 pound dog and he lives very happily alongside 2 other dogs (55 pounds and 25 pounds respectively) and a 6 pound cat! They have never hurt the cat. They have hurt me on occasion from rough play, but nothing out of malice or fear.

So I could only imagine the drama that would ensue if I had a child. ‘Cuz we all know that being a whore is synonymous with being a bad parent! The two go hand in hand 😉

My ideal birth would be in a home setting all alone. No midwife, no doctor, no family members. Just me. It would be in a tub by myself. Why? Because the last thing I want while giving birth is someone else’s judgment. I believe that giving birth is a natural process best done when a women taps in to her own instinct and not that of someone’s voice telling her when, where and how. But then again what do I know, I am not even in a relationship yet!

Been listening to this tonight. Interesting interview. It sounds as if this is something I would want in childbirth. Infact I imagine myself lighting up a joint and smoking some good ganja during my labor.

An Outlaw’s Insurance Policy (via Bound, Not Gagged)

I thought I would re-blog this post because I feel the issue of safety is relevant to all sex workers regardless of where they are. While I have never had any serious safety concern working independently, I have known others who have. I even have known a sex worker that was murdered. She was a “porn star” who I worked with on a few sites when I was doing porn myself. A “co-star” I guess you would say.

2 months ago, I was robbed in my home/incall by a man who demanded his money back BEFORE the sexual activity, and also got away with $250 more of mine AFTER I pepper sprayed him in the face three times.  This was the SECOND time that I had been robbed as an escort, alone, naked and defenseless (except for the pepper spray this time).  The first time, the attacker said he had a gun and he did have sex with me first, making that THEFT OF SERVICES a … Read More

via Bound, Not Gagged


Good boyfriends are so hard to come by.

Many guys ask me why is it I don’t have one, well it’s because a good one has not come along yet. 🙂

Lots of fun and updates

Hey peeps, sorry I have not updated in a while. Been a busy body. Got a new computer, got rid of my boyfriend and marched in the Toronto Pride Parade. Held up a sign that read “sex work is real work” while walking with Sex professionals of Canada. It was nice and they are a very good group. We handed out lolipops that were attached to a little card. The card read “congratulations! you are now a pimp”. It had a bunch of information on it in regards to our current laws on prostitution related offenses in Canada. Was told it was not a good idea to hand the lolis to children. Come to think of it, it was probably a good idea seeing as the word pimp was on there.

I enjoyed my time in the Pride parade, it was fun. After the march I hit up a few booths in search of some “stuff”- you know little knic knacks and memorable items from Pride Toronto vendors. I got a flag and a few stickers for my car. Oh and some fancy hair bands. I put the stickers on my car, partially to piss off my conservative Christian neighbour that is harassing me. And partially of course to please me (they look nice).

My neighbour….someone reading this blog asked about that. Yes she is still harassing me. Daily she has something RUDE to say to me or something to do. She says she will have my pets taken away from me. She went around the area spreading rumors about me saying that I have clients at my home and I am running a brothel. LOL. She was rude to my boyfriend.

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